You’re more than just a body is not only a personal experience of the author going through spiritual ascension but also a tool and guide to support others who are on their spiritual path of awakening’ the author shares in detail what it is like to go beyond the normal 5 senses and connect with the higher realms’ how diving into the depts of the subconscious and super conscious mind brought forward the truths of the universe and that we are in fact much more than just our physical bodies! We are multidimensional beings of light.This book starts off with a story that many others will be able to connect and relate with’ connect with me]   is about what it is like to live on earth spiritually asleep waiting to hear the call ‘waiting to find out who you are and what you are here for’ (a great connection point for the author and the reader)

The book explains about who the angels and ascended masters are what they can do for you and how to connect with them ‘affirmations along with invocations are also presented in the book.
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About the Author

I am a Reiki Master ,Certified Emotion Code Practitioner ,Angel Card Reader, Angel Therapy Practitioner , Past Life Soul Healer ,Space Clearer ,Medium, and Conduit between worlds ,I am a spiritual teacher guiding others through the ascension of Gaia [ Mother Earth and humanity , I work alongside the Archangels ,Ascended Masters as well as the Arcturians ,Pleiadians ,Sirians  ,I work with  the planetary and cosmic hierarchy and inner plane ascended masters in helping you to become the real you! I am here to help you connect back to your true authentic, happy, healthy and beautiful self.

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