Zack Makes His Own Luck

What is the secret to making dreams and wishes come true?

What is the secret to making dreams and wishes come true?

A story about a boy named Zack, he is just like any other boy. He lives with his family, plays sports, goes to school… But what you do not know is a secret that he keeps. This story shows that anything we want to succeed at and wish for comes from working hard and that we don’t need to always rely on luck to make it happen. Zack learns that he can succeed at everything as long as he does this one thing.

Zack finds himself at a crossroad and has to make a choice!

“Zack Makes His Own Luck” is a must-have self-empowerment book that teaches the importance of hard work.

Parents, teachers, and guardians:

★ Help your child find out how hard work can pay off.

★ Encourages your child to achieve a positive result when dealing with any disappointments.

★ Encourages your child to understand the importance of self-empowerment and self-belief. It’s a how this skill can help us overcome life’s challenges.

This book is an amazing self empowerment book for kids of all ages and makes a great gift for kids.

Grab your copy of “Zack Makes His Own Luck!” Today! Start supporting your child’s emotional wellbeing by acknowledging their emotions and having them learn how to get through any situation.