amazon freeGreek Expectations: The Last Moussaka Standing by Ekaterina Botziou (Author)

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Part memoir, part rant, part survival guide, this book is a God-send for all those tormented by guilt-inducing mother-in-laws, pandofla-wielding grandfathers, and oppressively hairy husbands.

Book of Revelations: 10 Steps of Transforming Poverty into Prosperity by Gabriel Wallace (Author)

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Gain Prosperity and Success through the Lord’s Wisdom and Guidance!

Can the Lord help you succeed? Is it time to rise above the poverty that surrounds you? Do you need faith and wisdom to achieve your life goals?

This is not your typical faith-based book. Most books based on religion advise you to pray, wait on the Lord, and pray again. However, in Book of Revelations: 10 Steps of Transforming Poverty into Prosperity, Gabriel Wallace gives you a 10-step process for changing your life.

Hanson’s Hunch: detective fiction short story by B. A. Spicer (Author)

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Short story. Detective Inspector Hanson is on the track of a serial killer.

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