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With so many contents published daily on the Internet, it is very important to create awareness about your contents on social media to give your books and other digital contents a wider reach. Here at Shout my Book, we provide you with multiple ways to promote your book to thousands of voracious readers.
With over 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Promotion, we are passionate about exceeding your expectations.


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Our Book Showcase features the best books in over twenty genres, from both top-tier publishers and critically acclaimed independent authors.

What Ever Happened to Mr. MAJIC?

Wrapped inside this fast-paced romantic mystery, the reader will discover a simple to follow tutorial of how to identify and release the things that are making them miserable.

Starr’s Promise

A Christian romantic suspense based on three sisters.

Arctic Child

The world is yours, enjoy the wonder of it all and I wish for you to have many more adventures, many more years of Traveling, many Friends and much Happiness.

Peeling Oranges

It is a complete page turner novel. A fascinating story narrated in the most elegant manner. Loved this one immensely.

The Liberation of Paul

A compelling psychological thriller, The Liberation of Paul explores the darkest and most twisted aspects of humankind and sheds a healthy beam of light on them in more ways than one.

Under the Pink Sky

Can Sara convince Thane she is his chosen mate, or will she be sent back to own world, doomed to a loveless, unhappy life?


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