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Here are some of our recently Featured books.

The Girl Who Lived And Loved

Do you want to know how they survived? What happened to Ava and her pregnancy? Where was Mia in all this? Do you want to find out what happened?

The Last Jacboite Heroine

Which comes first: love for your husband or your duty to your king? When Anne Mackintosh raised a regiment to fight for Bonnie Prince Charlie, she found herself facing her own husband on the battlefield. A true story from Scotland.

Fortune Cookie Wisdom

.Fun Fortune Cookie Wisdom sprinkled throughout the journal.Grab your journal today.

The Last Symphony

A collection of speculative fiction that dares to dream of the many tomorrows that may await us. The meaning over living over surviving, the tortures of lust and envy, the eternal quest to find oneself. All this and more is explored in The Last Symphony.

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