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With so many contents published daily on the Internet, it is very important to create awareness about your contents on social media to give your books and other digital contents a wider reach. Here at Shout my Book, we provide you with multiple ways to promote your book to thousands of voracious readers.
With over 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Promotion, we are passionate about exceeding your expectations.


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Where The Whispers Are by Cameron Rowe

Michael Dean Stanton, 18, has a massive crush on his former high school English teacher, the ravishingly beautiful Olivia Morgan Davidson, 35. So, he writes

Road Trip Chronicles by Todd Smith

Charlie is a recent graduate of Washington State University’s Edward R Murrow College of Communication. Upon his successful graduation, Charlie lands a dream job working

Krystal Blue by Destiny Hawkins

As far as Crystal Knew, she was just a normal girl. Sure, there were some instances where she wondered if she were something more, but

Between the Pews by Sylvia Edmondson-holt

Author Sylvia Edmondson-Holt shares her personal experience as a southern, over protected young African-American woman who has to deal with the environment of the real


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