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With so many contents published daily on the Internet, it is very important to create awareness about your contents on social media to give your books and other digital contents a wider reach. Here at Shout my Book, we provide you with multiple ways to promote your book to thousands of voracious readers.
With over 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Promotion, we are passionate about exceeding your expectations.


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Our Book Showcase features the best books in over twenty genres, from both top-tier publishers and critically acclaimed independent authors.

Treasure Kills, Legends of Tsalagee

Rapscallions, bikers, and the enchanting inhabitants of Tsalagee, Oklahoma, animate the well-written tale of “Treasure Kills.

The Cremelino Prophecy: Complete Series

The novel is packed with multiple story lines that are masterfully woven together. Magic, mischief, betrayal and endless scheming make this book a constantly unpredictable read.

Hawk: Jagged Edge Series #3

Hawk is another sexy alpha man who is a little skiddish of love. More of a one night stand kind of guy. Until he meets Paige. Then it all changes. He feels things he isn’t used to feeling. But along with Paige comes the unknown. This book is full of hot action.

Luzo: Reign of a Mafia Don

This stand-alone novel reads as though a well skill architect meticulously assembled each piece of detail into a collage, covering all the elements that cut across a human’s life- such as sufferings, humor, greed, love, death, and the triumph of the human spirit.


Steady paced from the first page to the last page with well-developed characters and a mesmerizing, heart-pumping storyline. The story flows seamlessly and effortlessly. The cast of characters are fantastic.


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