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Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

With many books to promote, I’m glad you have a proven track record and can do it for me. I’m always happy for the help and you always do a great job. I think I have 11 or 12 books with you this month. Consistency is key for me. You never let me down. Thanks, Shoutmybook!

L. Ann Marie
Bestselling Indie Author on Amazon.

Thank you for this service. I can’t believe how my sales have increased during this 21 day campaign. I have spent plenty of money on other promotions but this is the most bang for my buck. I will be using your services again in the near future for my other books.

Stephen Briggs
Writer of the book Family of Killers

“I promoted my children’s book, Popcorn Behind the Bush, It was posted earlier today, and within only a few hours, downloads of my book increased drastically. I am excited about the sudden increase to downloads. I can’t wait to see the full results of my promotion”

Grace Henderson
Author of Bestselling Children’s book.

“I just paid for the promotion of my second book CUTS LIKE GLASS. You had helped me with promoting my other book SWEET THINGS DYING a few months ago and it was great!

Dana S. Feldman
Freelance Journalist and Author

In a marketplace so crowded it can be hard to be seen and read, THANK YOU, Shout my Book, for shouting about mine, especially this first one, which meant a lot to me.

Lorraine Devon Wilke
Writer of fact & fiction.

your promotions are fabulous – I wonder, can we strike a continuing deal – perhaps I sign up for several months, for my bestseller, I’ll Follow the Moon?”

Stephanie Lisa Tara
Founder of a publishing company and Author

“This was good exposure, and there were days I saw a bump in sales which makes me think that I might want to upgrade at a later time and for an upcoming book. So, I’m expecting to be a returning customer.

Fred Lucas
Cover White House for DailySignal and Author Abuse of Power

“Thank you for promoting our book. We are so excited and just made Amazon #1 Bestseller.”

Carol Plummer
Author and Practitioner at EEM by Carol

“You made a huge difference to my 0.99 cent promotion with continuous tweets – Thank you!”

Jackie Parry
Author of #1 Bestselling Travel Book

“First, thank you for all the terrific tweets you’ve sent for me over the last year or so. They are really good & I appreciate them & your services! I just recently signed up for another month of tweets.. Thank you again so much for your time & the service you offer we authors.”

B. Mackley
Author of Americana A Civics Handbook

I was pleased with the results from your promotion of my YA novel The Stone Wall Crossing several months ago, and decided to try and use your services for my children’s Christmas story, Snoshoo the Stowaway Bunny. I did see a “bump” in sales from using your shoutmybook Twitter feed.

Alice Magrane
Former Guidance Director and Author

“Marketing can be a complicated beast to master in the book world. With ShoutMyBook, promotion is made easy. Before I signed up for ShoutMyBook, my best month was December for those buying my journals as Christmas gifts. My first month using this service has bumped my sales significantly, and after only two weeks, I have now had my best month yet.” THANK YOU for an affordable way to increase book sales.”

Rogena Mitchell-Jones
Editor & Creator of the #1 Bestseller – Rogena Mitchell-Jones JOURNALS

“Thank you for promoting my book The Haunting of Leigh Maxwell. Within a week of your promotion, sales began to climb. Today, I had a pleasant surprise when I learned that sales have gone up each day, consistently. I’m ready to contact you for another month and another book.!”

Esther Luttrell
Author of #1 Bestselling Mystery Book – The Haunting of Leigh Maxwell

“Thanks so so so so much for your support, which really helped during my promotional campaign.
Thanks again! You’re the best!!!”

Sabrina Beretta
Author of The Fire Opal

“Thank you for doing a great job in the promotion of my books I can see an increase in sales today I am sending another book. God Bless You”

Author of Ministry Boundaries

“It does NOT cost to Advertise, It Pays.” Shout Your Book at

Steve A. Mizera
Author of How to Abolish Child Sexual Abuse?

This is selling books for me, so I will continue using your service.

Kevin Foster
Author of The Three Marriage Enigmas

I appreciate the posting of my book details. I’m happy with the exposure you provide, thank you.

Peter Rondel.