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Here is what the authors Say about our Services:

Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

Rogena Mitchell-Jones“Marketing can be a complicated beast to master in the book world. With ShoutMyBook, promotion is made easy. Before I signed up for ShoutMyBook, my best month was December for those buying my journals as Christmas gifts. My first month using this service has bumped my sales significantly, and after only two weeks, I have now had my best month yet.
THANK YOU for an affordable way to increase book sales.”
by Rogena Mitchell-Jones
Editor & Creator of the #1 Bestseller – Rogena Mitchell-Jones JOURNALS

Esther Luttrell“Thank you for promoting my book The Haunting of Leigh Maxwell. Within a week of your promotion, sales began to climb. Today, I had a pleasant surprise when I learned that sales have gone up each day, consistently. I’m ready to contact you for another month and another book.!”
by Esther Luttrell
Author of #1 Bestselling Mystery Book – The Haunting of Leigh Maxwell

“This is selling books for me, so I will continue using your service.
I will hire you every month if you can just get my tweets out. I do get regular sales from your tweets, so I know when you are tweeting just by tracking my sales.”
by Kevin Foster
Author of The Three Marriage Enigmas

REV. DR. DEBORAH WILLIS“Thank you for doing a great job in the promotion of my books I can see an increase in sales today I am sending another book.
God Bless You”
Author of Ministry Boundaries

Sabrina Beretta“Thanks so so so so much for your support, which really helped during my promotional campaign.
Thanks again! You’re the best!!!”
by Sabrina Beretta
Author of The Fire Opal

Steve A. Mizera“It does NOT cost to Advertise, It Pays.” Shout Your Book at SHOUTmybook or Twitter @shoutmybook
by Steve A. Mizera
Author of How to Abolish Child Sexual Abuse?


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