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  1. I sent my information for the Free Tweet. Looking forward to seeing the beauty in it before moving forward.

  2. Thank you so much for the offer of a free promotion on your website. It is such a wonderful idea and gives me a chance to try you out.

  3. Cat here from and Cat Lyon’s Reading Den! I just submitted a paid ad for my new client, Uncle Daves Books and wanted a free shout for another book of his! Thanks for making my job of book promoting easier and love sending my authors to you xoxo CAT

    1. Dear Malcolm, we will send a tweet your book to our followers on Twitter form our twitter account @ShoutOUTmyBook

  4. No it is not spam, I really did release 5 books in one day. I will see if this works and if it does I will pay to get more extensive promotion on one…. if that works, I will do all 5

  5. I have done my bit by submitting my Romance novel Secrets of Agent 13. I’m waiting for the Shout my book to perform theirs.

  6. Hi, Just wondering how long the wait is for a submitted free promotional to show?
    Thank you.

  7. Thank you so much for helping me with the free promotion of my Talon book, TALON, ENCOUNTER. Looking forward how it works.
    Much appreciated.
    I might do it with my other books as well.

  8. Just sent my debut book, Persecuting Abi, for a free promotion and plan on taking out the starter pack soon. as a new author I’m thankful for companies like this that aren’t to costly.

  9. I hope it works too! I really need some reviews to support my first wave of sales!
    I bought a package from here and from an associated company.

  10. Thanks so much! Looking forward to see if it works (with the free trial) and if so I will be buying a package.

  11. SHOUTmybook showed up in my twitter feed. I just submitted my book The ABC’s of Molesting Me. Excited to see how it goes. Difficult topic, I know. Hoping to help other #MeToo #survivors #warriors heal.

  12. I just submitted “Elves Up North” – an Interactive Christmas Book for All Ages! I will defiantly be checking out the paid promos too. Thanks in advance! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Just submitted Zombie Park for the free promotion. Thanks so much guys! I’m curious to see the results and if positive might do the paid package!

  14. I tried submitting my book recently but havent seen it tweeted. If this does work then I shall pay for extra.

    1. Dear Dawn,
      Yes it does work and has helped may authors in book promotion.
      Free submission are usually tweeted in a weeks time because of so many requests.
      We only guarantee paid promotions to start within 48 hrs. Thanks

  15. I thank you for the free promotion! I will defintley buy the promotional package if it works! My new book just released on Oct 4. I am a first time writer. I pray it works! I just need to get some exposure! The Angels Above the Rainbow!

  16. I really like the idea of the Shout My Book givinga free promo shoutout for The Devils Science. That is a great idea to be able to test the waters. If it works, I will absolutely come back and place an advertising order ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I just made a payment for the 14.99 service for
    When does this start?
    Do I also sign up for this as well? How different is this from your other services?

  18. Hello, I have submitted my book on September 4th. I selected promotional plan : $14.99 – Starter Plan.
    I have published more than 100 books. Thanks
    Author Peter Klessa Ramazani

  19. Thank You for the free promotion opportunity. If it works in terms of sells then paid book promotion is certainly the next step.

  20. Just paid “being author” for the promotion of our book “Why of Everything” i’m really curious what kind of exposure the promotion will bring.

    1. Dear Verna,
      It is for one day. we will tweet you book once to our followers.

    1. At present we are primarily promoting books in English language, we will inform you once we start promoting books in Spanish.

  21. I never saw the free book promotion for my book I submitted to your tweets. Whats the assurance you will tweet my book when I pay for the promotion?

    1. Dear Isaac,
      Due to large number of submissions in of free promotional program, it takes some time for the tweet to go live.
      While in our paid promotional plans, we promise to start the promotional tweets within 48 hrs.
      So i request you to please give us some time, we will tweet your book soon.

  22. Thank you for allowing a trial tweet! This definitely allows authors to see how well things work! Fingers crossed it helps. I would love to know more information about the followers and such! Are they all authors or people looking for books?

  23. So many of us cannot afford to pay for marketing, and yet need it so desperately. Thank you for providing such a kind service!

  24. I’ve just used your FREE book promo service and if it proves fruitful, I will DEFINITELY be paying for future promo.

  25. Hey, like everyone else here I am so grateful for your help. I have spent more money on promoting my book than I have gotten in returns (it’s only been published a few months) but I cannot tell you how relieved I was to find you. Thank you for helping us little people with big ideas, as Dr. Mandal said, it leaves me feeling hopeful.

  26. Thank you for this opportunity to promote my book further. Its wonderful that you offer this free to beginners. If it works for me…I will be trying one of your other promotional offers. Again, thank you.

  27. tanks to shout my book “Istinti di Vita ” L’assoluto mai soluto Daniele Cerruti

  28. Thankyou for the free tweet opportunity. Based on sales, I will be glad to get your paid services soon!

  29. I just paid for one a promotional through your site, but thought I’d try this one too for a backlist book and see what happens. Truly appreciate this free opportunity. I’m curious to see what the results will be for both the paid advertising and the free one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. I have just put up my book “The Life and Loves of Gringo Greene”
    Thank you for your kind support.
    I greatly appreciate it,
    Best wishes,
    David Carter

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