Twice In A Lifetime

A choice ended their love. Now read what happens next!

A choice ended their love. Now read what happens next!

Raven Fox and Gray Thayer are deeply in love.  Every moment brings a new discovery and another kiss.  Gray couldn’t believe how happy and fulfilled he was.  Other women were just too willing to please him.  Raven was her complete self and he loved that.  Growing up together only solidified their connection.  They shared their dreams together and spent every moment making plans.
Gray’s messy spiky hair and crooked smile melted her heart.  Suddenly they were inseparable.  He was joining the Special Forces, and Raven was going to New York to culinary school.  They would make plans, and get married.  But, life had other plans for them and stretched their love until it snapped.
Gray married Lilith and had two boys.  His custom furniture business Mahogany Chair was doing well, but it wasn’t enough.   Lilith didn’t hide her disdain of the blue-collar nature of what Gray did for a living. Deep down, Gray longs for the soul stirring connection that he lost with a woman he hasn’t seen in more than 20 years, and begins to examine his life very carefully.
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