I Am My Own Cause, The Third Act: Surviving and Thriving

Poole’s third—and most personal—volume in the series.

Poole’s third—and most personal—volume in the series.

Nearly ten years of life conveniently and inconveniently occurring but entirely authentic–that is the journey Charles K. Poole had been on and shared in times good and bad. In this third volume of his I Am My Own Cause series, Poole picks up from 2010–where the second volume ended–and crafts more personal, insightful, and inspiring stories that will make you think and make you cry but ultimately make you glad you took time to read what he has to say. This third volume represents a period of even more significant change for Poole, much of it painful. But as he has often shown us, Poole learns lessons from even the most heartbreaking events and somehow uses those lessons for the greater good. And in doing so, he reminds us that it is something we are capable of too. Honest and written in his own irrepressible voice, I Am My Own Cause: The Third Act; Surviving and Thriving is a fitting conclusion to this series of chapters in Poole’s life, but by no means is it the end. It’s the beginning of something . . . new, something that–if he chooses to share it–will continue to remind us that there is great value in being our own cause.

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“Lessons for us all” — Certified Review for this Book by K. Wilson

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