Mindful Medicine: An Inspirational Book on Awakening and Conscious Health

“A New Healthy and Holistic Approach to Healing Our Body Without Conventional Medicine” (E-book on sale for 30 days $2.99)

“A New Healthy and Holistic Approach to Healing Our Body Without Conventional Medicine” (E-book on sale for 30 days $2.99)

In Mindful Medicine, author, physician, and psychotherapist Mette Mouritsen shares her own story of spiritual awakening in order to provide a holistic understanding of the body together with a practical approach. It is primarily based on her own experiences and stories, and it represents a paradigm shift in thinking about the human as a coherent energetic body in a coherent energetic system; it shows instead how symptoms are messages to be understood and not necessarily enemies that must be removed, and it is Mouritsen’s hope that we can transform difficult and common human emotions when we are sick into life-affirming messages that promote our health and well-being.
“Rather than looking at another person through a learned medical, psychological, and mostly fixed lens, she invites us to stand right at the edge—to explore the other person’s psychological and physiological landscape as totally unknown ground, as deeply unique, in attempt to find meaning and to support what might be called for in the symptom of pain and suffering. Touching and being touched by many hearts, Mette guides us in consciousness. What a gift!” —Ameyo Katharina Barfred-Dixon, Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Trainer and Supervisor in Denmark, Sweden, and England
“Raw honesty and empathy are consistently on display in the case stories … a very professionally presented, mindful approach to healing that will give guidance and hope to readers.”
—Helle Brisson, MA

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“This is more than an “Inspirational Awakening Read”…” — Certified Review for this Book by Cat Lyon

An Inspirational and Amazing Book!

Not only is the authors own story and experiences in this book are amazing, she has put together a comprehensive guide to learning just how our bodies can heal on there own. When using a more holistic approach, and away from modern or conventional medicine does Mette share, and many abilities we have for us to reduce stress, fear, depression and much more while gaining new ways in healing on our own. A masterful book that will give guidance and hope to readers.

And yes, she quite qualified as she has been a medical doctor Specialist in General Medicine and Certified Integral Psychotherapist. Today, Dr. Mette Mouritsen is also a mindfulness instructor, and uses her comprehensive skills in an integrative holistic approach and way to heal her patients, an a holistic understanding of the body altogether she shares and which you will learn from the other cases she has documented within her book how these new technics work and will shift your way of thinking from traditional medicine. Why not take fewer medications, why not teach yourself a new way of healing and take back your health power.

You will have a mind, body, and soul awakening of how our bodies can heal themselves as powerful organisms. Mette’s new book truly shares exceptional advice and experiences, while being well researched and well written! An amazing read and highly recommend it to everyone!

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