Submit details of your book for Book promotion on Shout my Book Network, submit the link of your BOOK in the form below, and we will promote your book by listing it on our homepage and our Social Networks. Just provide the Link of your Book and our Experts will pull the necessary details About your Book from the Book Link and your Promotional Tweets will be Designed by our Marketing Experts to get More engagements on Twitter.
We will promote your book along with an inline image of your book. It’s become pretty apparent that including a picture in your Tweets increases engagement. So we post the tweets along with the Image of your Book Cover to boost Engagements.
Select  a plan below that is right for you and get started with your book promotion. All our Book featuring plans also include:
Featuring of your Book on our web-page
Daily Promotional tweets to hundreds of thousands of followers on twitter for 21 Days

Our Twitter Associates:
Here is the list of our Twitter accounts where we post all our promotional tweets.

Your Book will be recommended to our 16,000+ Facebook Fans via our Official Facebook Page: SHOUTmyBook
Your post will be featured on a leading Facebook group of 34,188 authors and readers:  BOOK REVIEW & PROMOTION
Your post will be Included in our daily email Newsletter to thousands of our subscribers.

We only charge one-time payment for 21 Days of book promotion

Shout my Book - Book Promotion Sign-up Form


  • Enter the author's name or penname here
  • We use Instagram Collabs to co-author the posts featuring your book.
  • X (Twitter) handle that starts with @
  • If your book is available on any online bookstore, please provide the link (url) in this field. (Amazon, KOBO, NOOK, iBooks, or any other bookstore)
  • If you have any special request to make please write it in this section.
  • Promotion fee (one time payment for 21 days of promotion)
  • Enter your coupon code here and click "APPLY"
  • You will be redirected to our SSL secure PayPal payment gateway. You can also pay via Debit/Credit Card if you don't have a PayPal account.


    1. Thank you David, we appreciate that you consider our services good, certainly we are reliable and we make sure that we remain the same

    2. Please send me a copy of any and all places where my book can be found. The last time I subscribed to your services my book sales did not increase. I did not sell even one book, and I had no idea where my book was being promoted.
      Weeks Parker
      Book title: How to Deal with Evil and Domineering People.

  1. I been searching around to better extent my books out there. This seems legit, I just want to make sure this works. Comments look good. Thinking of going for it by trying this out.

  2. Hi. Can you please get back to me. As I paid you on Monday with an email saying my promotion will start 48hrs later. But I still haven’t seen anything. And I have now contacted you several times. Can you get back to me please.

  3. In the tweets I’ve seen that some authors have a blurb for a book instead of their picture. How is that done?

  4. I joined your company a few minutes ago, and purchased the largest package. I am looking to receive mega exposure. God knows I need it. (Lol). If all goes well, I’ll promote my other books with you. Here’s hoping!

    1. Thank you,
      We really try our best to get the most out of it. You are most welcome for all your other books for promotion.

  5. You are doing a wonderful job promoting my first book then I submitted a second (same package). You are promoting “The Gift” but I paid for this book, “Michael’s Choice” too. Thank you.

  6. I have run a self-help book promotion that ended which I would like to renew. Since you have all the information, can I do so without resubmitting all the info, just making the payment, instead?

    1. Dear Charles,
      To make it easy and safe for authors, we remove the information after the promotion is over.
      So please go ahead and resubmit the info of the book again.

  7. Hi, I see many promotional tweets with both book cover and photo of the author. Do you take it from the author page together with the cover or how do I submit it? I have submitted my book right now.

      1. Hi, thanks. I submitted the book a few days ago but so far I saw only the tweet from two days ago about it being featured on the site. And then nothing else. Can you please check? It’s my promotional week and I really need the visibility. Thank you!

    1. Yes Ary, We do post social social media banners and promotional pictures along with the tweets and other posts. It helps boosting engagements on social media.

  8. Hello,
    I just put my book An Extraordinary Life with your organization. I hope I will get reseults from this. Kind regards, Stella Jansen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  9. Can you promote to specific genres ie ‘Self Help’ I notice that lacking this ensures that my eBook goes to readers who could care less?

    1. Yes we so have genre specific promotion available for romance books, soon we will create one for Self-help books also.

  10. At present we are primarily promoting books in English language, we will inform you once we start promoting books in other languages also.

    1. Hi I set up an ad campaign with you on Monday. Has it started as I haven’t seen anything yet. Thank you

  11. Thank you so much! You quickly address questions and I appreciate your service its a wow! So grateful in my day to day busy life, I wish I had done this over a year ago.

  12. Hi, I paid for two promotions through paypal and receipt was made to you please let me know when the promotion will start. I sent pics and info as usual, thank you.

  13. I have just submitted my book (Confessions of an estate agent), when should I hear anything and when will the promotion start? It is available in Kindle and paperwork so can you promote both versions?

    1. We do promote both versions, we will send you an email once the campaign starts. We start promotions within 48 hrs.

  14. If the book is available from multiple retailers do you want each URL in the single field in the form? Or do you follow up via email to collect the rest? Thanks!

  15. I purchased the 1 tweet a day pack on the 23rd June. My book ‘warrior of carnage went live on your website on the morning of 25th but I haven’t seen any tweets on any of your accounts on twitter. When will the tweets start.

    1. Dear Aaron, promotional campaign starts after we post the book on our website.
      Your promotional tweets will start from today. Thanks

  16. Hello! I have a book I would like to promote but I am no sure how to do it. I only have a facebok account, not a twiter one. I have my book on amazon and I have it in print format and e-book format. I would like to add both links. Is it possible? Thank you.

    1. Not having a twitter account is not a problem, you can promote your book with us. We can only promote one link because we can tweet one link in one tweet.

    1. You can promote your real book also, only thing is that your book should be available online on any portal for readers to buy it instantly.

    1. Yes, only thing is that your book should be available online on any portal. please go ahead and submit it.

  17. I would like to use your service but I’m confused how to proceed I have a book titled Behind Every Boss There’s A Bae, so far Part 1 and 2 is out Part 3 will be out in a couple of months with a total of 4 parts. I need to know how do I promote book 1 and 2 is that 2 separate prices

    1. yes you will have to take two separate plans, we recommend you to give it a try with our starter plan of 14.99 USD, if you like it you may sign up for more books.

  18. I signed up to give this a try. I sure hope it helps to get my name out there as a writer and conquer my dreams like we all want. I appreciate that ShOUT my Book will work to help us. =)

  19. Hi I just submitted my book to you called beyond torment.. I gave the url for Amazon uk kindle version.. Can you please state that it’s also available in in paperback on Amazon uk and dollars on Amazon .com in kindle and paper back

  20. On my good pal and successful author Esther Lutrell’s advice I’ve signed up for 1-month — here we go! I look forward to seeing my sales skyrocket, as hers have! Thanks for this nice easy-to-use service. So helpful for indie-authors, and so necessary. teZa Lord author of WE ARE ONE, a coffee table book of inspirational art & prose

  21. Hi – i ordered your services on 11/26 and haven’t heard from you guys yet. I posted the details and the graphics here but I don’t see my post anymore. Could you advise and let me know when the campaign begins?

  22. Hi , do you write all the tweets, blog info etc ? for the monthly fee.
    I joined anothe rpromotion and had to write the tweets etc myself.
    please let me know Thanks

  23. I’m going to be doing a 7-10 day 99 cent promotion for my eBook. If I do this during the 30-day program, can I have you add the promo price info to the tweet during that time, and remove it when it’s not 99 cents?

    1. You never answered this question, so I took my business elsewhere. I’m still curious to know the answer, for my next 99 cent promotion that I’m about to do.

      1. Dear Randy, Sure we will do it for you. Once your book is successfully submitted on our website, send a request from our contact us section with the details of you promotional deals; date, promotional price, etc.

    1. Dear Thomas,
      Try it with a smaller plan, we have helped thousands of authors. please feel free to sign up.

  24. Hi, I joined your monthly promotion on the 1st August and received your confirmation email but nothing else since. I wondered when my book CHIS would be shown on your website and when the tweets would start

  25. I’ve sent in my fee but I wondered if I could also link as well as, since my novel is by an English author

  26. I have signed up for one month. You took my money but did not ask which of my books I wanted to promote, just a statement saying you have my information.” Please respond to my e-mail Please promote “Sorry and Morticum” and let me know you acknowledge this. Otherwise, I will deny the charge.

    1. Dear Charles, We go through the link which you have provided in the submission form and pull the information about the link and promote your book.
      Thank you for specifically mentioning about the book. we will promote the same from our accounts.
      Team Being Author

  27. Question : I have 3 published children’s books how much would it cost to promote all 3 books per month?
    please advise me
    Thank you
    Kindest regards

    1. Dear Gabrielle,
      you will have to take one promotional plan for each book, we recommend you to try our service with any of your books first, then you may go for more if you want.

  28. Just got 1-month service to give it a try. Do you want any words with me to accompany the tweet?

    1. Sure you can send us you tweet suggestion via our contact page, simply submit the request on contact page

      1. I will like you to promote e books with means you know is the best in life to achieve a positive result as quickly as possible

    1. Dear Hache,
      USD 9.99 was a charge for monthly recurring payments, but we no longer have recurring subscriptions,
      now we have only ONE TIME PAYMENT, so the price difference.
      Team ShoutmyBOOK

  29. Hi – I’ve had 3 months of the monthly plan, If I continue with the monthly plans, I would like some other quote used – which could be taken from the positive reader’s reviews on Amazon. Can you confirm that this will be possible please.

    1. Sure, we give new tagline in every new promotion, go ahead with the submission we assure you that we will use a new tagline.

  30. Question: Do you include book cover images with the monthly plan or only with the quarterly and half-year plans?

  31. 1-Where can I paste my book cover image, n other details, for promotion.
    2- My website is on the verge of expiring, and I am attempting to create one outside my publisher means, should it affect my book promotion?

    1. Dear Maria,
      Thanks for the queries,
      We pull the details about the book from the Book buy link which you provide, so just submit the form and relax.
      We will change the website when you will have a new one, simply send us a request on our contact page.

  32. Can I specify the text to be used in the tweets? This is what I wish to use.
    This is a powerful true-crime memoir about one person’s determination to solve a murder mystery and to bring the perpetrator to justice.

    1. If you want a specific tagline to be tweeted, please send us a request on our contact page, Thanks

  33. So I got this plan yesterday and I noticed my first professional tweet already went out this morning. That’s good, I’m just glad the link was to MY book. Thank you.

  34. Know you must be busy but sent this email a few days ago. Hope to get a reply so I can start promoting my books.—-
    I have my books on my website. They are paperback. I am a bit confused as to the $9.99 or
    $14 fee. One book is From a Dime a Dozen and the other is How to abolish Child Sexual Abuse. Where do I tell you the title i want to promote?
    I have my books on my website. They are paperback. I am a bit confused as to the $9.99 or
    $14 fee. One book is From a Dime a Dozen and the other is How to abolish Child Sexual Abuse. Where do I tell you the title i want to promote?

    1. We have moved to one time payment option, so the old fee structure is revised.
      Thanks, we already replied your concern in the thread .

  35. I have my books on my website. They are paperback. I am a bit confused as to the $9.99 or
    $14 fee. One book is From a Dime a Dozen and the other is How to abolish Child Sexual Abuse. Where do I tell you the title i want to promote?

  36. I’m grateful for the social media exposure SHOUTmyBook has given on behalf of the the first book in the series that was released a little more than 2 years ago. The Poetry Diaries has opened many doors for those who question themselves on life and the miracle of Jesus. Thank you SHOUTmyBook !!

  37. I have 2 E-books Sharpe as a Blade (the 50’s and 60’s) and Sharpe as a Blade (A 70’s trip) is i £14.99. for each book?

  38. Hi, thanks for finally posting! However, there’s supposed to be a post every day and there hasn’t been one today. I don’t want my 30 days to be wasted! My question still hasn’t been answered: do days missed count against me?
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks Author River for asking, we assure you that you will get full 30 days of tweets, Missed days will not be counted.

  39. Hi, I purchased a month of social media promotion on October 12th and still haven’t seen any promotion on twitter. When is it supposed to start? I thought I saw something about two days but it’s been three. When can I expect to see the promotion? Will it affect how many days my book is promoted, or will the 30 days start on the first day the promotion begins?

    1. Dear Author, we first publish you on our website, and then we start tweeting your books form our twitter accounts, to do all of the work we take 48 hours of time after successful submission. Sure, you will get full 30 days of tweets as promised by us.

  40. Just sent payment for a month, to see how it works. Thank you! Let me know when it goes live, for my book with my son, “EKHO.”

  41. I’m happy to give this a go for the one-off month fee, if you’ll have me given the following:
    – The book is adult vulgar humour
    – The book is available for pre-order on now, but won’t be available on until it is published on 18th September – that said, if you can just encourage new followers for @scot_limericks on Twitter that would be good enough for me at this stage
    Let me know if you’re happy to work with and I’ll subscribe.
    Many thanks and best wishes

    1. Don’t worry Wendy, our team of experts will grab the details from the address which you have provided.

  42. I subscribed June 15, 2015 for my title, “Jaguar Ravenz King” to be promoted on this site. How long will it take before I see it posted on sites via Being Author?

      1. My name is corey turner and I just paid for a monthly promotion plan can I cancel at anytime and how can I do this

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