Biography & True Accounts

Out of Order

Barney thinks that most people only have one purpose in life, and that is to make his own life as difficult as possible.

Be All You Can Be

This will take time but hopefully one day. I have included CALM as mental health is important and a lot of people are struggling at present.

Only Fools and Horsepower

Told in a light-hearted but down to earth manner, Only Fools and Horsepower is a true account of working life on the road as an international truck driver.

Grandma Spills the Beans

These stories convey the joy & vivaciousness that children can bring to adults’ lives, even though they can sometimes be exhausting or exasperating.

Jokers Wild

‘Jokers Wild’ was a dream house that any Estate Agent would have been honoured to have the opportunity to market. This became his ultimate goal and it brought with it both problems and eventually success.

My Life, My Time

They have taught me to write down how I feel so I decided to write them into poems.

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