Coming of Age Fiction

Lucy’s Worth

Lucyʼs Worth is part one of a young woman’s desperate journey to find
herself while trying to make it on her own.

Strawberry moon

Maisie is left navigating this complicated new world, all while trying to plan the rest of her adult life.


When one night one of the teenagers disappears, the group must work together to find out the truth but will the truth be enough?

Pleasant Day

In the town of Hollow Creek, South Carolina two separate murders, fifteen years apart, unite fifteen-year-old Pleasant Day and sixty-year-old Clarissa Blackwell.

The Lost French Island

The Lost French Island focuses on the vicissitudes of a large family living in Saint Pierre et Miquelon, struggling to survive in an often harsh physical and economic climate.

Eating the Forbidden Fruit

Roland’s case stems from the conflict of his childhood affiliation and his oath to uphold the law. What is certain is one can’t run from sin for karma is much faster.


This story is for those who feel their voice is unheard and for children, teenagers, and the adult who never had the chance to heal from their pain.

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