Crime Action Fiction

Angel Flights

And then he must learn to deal with the frat house and the very large snake.

The Cartel Crusher

Will Santiago prevail yet again, or will Marnia survive the mass assassination?

Trail to Peril

Two brothers, Ray and John McQuire set out to hike the Pacific Crest Trail and are swept up in a nightmere of intrigue after discovering the body of a murdered backpacker on the trail.

Strong Hold

The stakes were high, and vengeance was needed! He had to run. No matter in what direction, just run. But no road was an option. Mac was trapped.

Mourning Glory

Killed at the attack on the lab, she is constantly paying him a visit.
Is she a ghost, or is she much more.

Sea Girl

Under the night sky on the Little Bahama Bank, he serves her a romantic dinner and gives her the best sex of their nineteen-year marriage.

Shattered Sanctuary

To add to the chaos a powerful legislator starts looking for his wayward daughter, and eventually the law steps in.

Mind Games

Tom McKenna is approached by a successful but very disturbed CEO of a Silicon Valley biotech firm, who knows she is being stalked but cannot see the stalker.

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