Crime Thrillers


Is all this innocent, or something more sinister?

Gordon Square

The detectives are about to discover a horrific, gut-wrenching story, that spanned over four decades. But will it end?

Quando Dormo (When I Sleep)

Every time Dr. Fazio sleeps, he has no concept of where he’ll wake up or any memory of what damage ha may have done the night before…

HITMAN: La Famiglia

The Dean, the Mafia’s most feared contract killer is called in to restore order; however, everything isn’t as it seems with the many twists in this entertaining romance, crime, thriller!

Damaged Fruit

A mistake that will ruin a life. A mistake that will not be made again…

Devil’s Sympathy

Erudite student, professor, respected Oxford University department head, serial killer. Loyal son of God, supplicant of Satan.

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