Dystopian Fiction

Into the Fracking Fields

The tall razor-wired fence that cuts off The Fields from the rest of America where the government mandated the evacuation.

Pandemic Passions

This apocalyptic novel may be considered soft porn by some. It could be torn from tomorrows headlines.


A quiet Texas rural community. An Army veteran returning home. And murder to be discovered on an almost daily basis.

The Rain Never Came

Aussie larrikins, they pass their hot, monotonous existence drinking at the barely standing pub.

Three Degrees and Gone

They come together from different parts of the nation when they hire illegal traffickers to take them across the border with Canada where they will live as illegal immigrants.

Rebirth of Angels

revenge and justice run deep and Pieter is immediately caught up in a global rebellion to overthrow the corporation before it unleashes a biological holocaust that will destroy half of mankind.

The Ones Who Lived

What will happen when their new community is under attack and they have to learn to trust complete strangers? The Ones Who Lived will either come out alive or die fighting.

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