Espionage Thrillers

The Ryzhkov Vendetta

Can Ericksen and his former operatives avoid the assassins’ poisoning efforts and turn around the deadly game of hunter and prey?

Broken Oath: A Raven Novel

His chief job is to protect Josie, but now, in Broken Oath, they must jointly go on offense to protect America.

The Gladio Protocol

It takes the assassination of the Greek finance minister and a run on the euro to ring the alarm bells in the CIA and MI6 that something is about to go down in Greece.

Broken Oath: A Raven Thriller

His deep-black team has thwarted several terrorist attacks on America, and twice saved U.S. President, Peter Blager, from assassination.

At the Sharpe End

Kenneth Sharpe’s city is a gritty, fast-moving metropolis with its quirks and idiosyncrasies.

Iquitos: The Past Will Kill

In an instant, all their lives are thrust into a trail of death and destruction carried out by an unknown psychopath.


This fast-paced SUSPENSE THRILLER from Eric J. Gates will make YOU question your Destiny!

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