The Dream Thief

And if Steven fails, it will not only mean the destruction of the Dreamland, but of our own world with it…

Talented Found

She already has the most dangerous job on the high seas. Throw a God and pirates into the mix, and Shaylin’s life is about to get very interesting…

Lydia – Mythik Wars II

Join her as she treks across the devastated former United States to find Zach and Melody, but more importantly, the one person that may be able to help save the world; their daughter Lyra.


Can a fallen tribe of humans find their way back to where they truly belong?

The Magpie’s Ring

The Weirdstone of Brisingamen and The Owl Service, The Magpie’s Ring is a classic magic fantasy tale of good vs evil, immense courage, friendship, wizardry and undying loyalty.

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