historical fiction

Warriors amd Monks

Two decades after the First Crusade, the warriors and monks of early 12th Century Europe are preparing another crusade to the Levante.

Dolly Considine’s Hotel

Moving fluidly between the 1950s of Dolly’s youth and Julian’s 1980s summer of unrequited love, Irish recession and emigration, the hotel becomes a stage for farce and tragedy.

The Olive Trees

The Olive Trees is a history of Cyprus seen through the eyes of one village.

The shadows of time

Working together to lovingly restore an old ’69 Jaguar, it becomes the glue that binds them together.

The Dragon From Guangzhou

Quickly adapting to sword fighting and collecting riches, she shows Zheng Yi and Po Tsai more lucrative ways to live.

Terror on the Deseret Trail

Reuben Taz, son of the late serial killer Asmodeus Taz, vows to track down, torture and kill those responsible for the death of his father.

Munich Spring

Heath Winslow is a cynical, self-deprecating freelance journalist seeking to inform and influence his readers about the political, social, and economic shifts sweeping Europe in the late 1980s

Gods of Men, the Delian War

Lysander of Sparta, now a young warrior, longs for command and the much anticipated war with the Athenian Empire to earn his place through the tests of war and become the warrior he was born to be.

It Happened in Silence

This is a powerful tale of family, a celebration of decency, and the heartbreak of society’s injustices then that rings true today.

Jan Pendray

Can Meg, an Innkeeper in Falmouth, draw him out of his depression?

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