Literary Fiction

Into the Fracking Fields

The tall razor-wired fence that cuts off The Fields from the rest of America where the government mandated the evacuation.

How Fires End

A dark secret born out of World War II lies at the heart of a Sicilian American family in this emotional and sweeping saga of guilt, revenge, and, ultimately, redemption.

Darlene: a Sequel to Catari

Will her step-father release to the public accusations about Darlene’s love affair with Catari, itself dating to many months before her death?


UNSCREWED is the start of a new series, but you’ll achieve maximum shock and awe if the Wild Sparks Series and The Keys to Jericho are read first.

Love Lake

A perfect gift for your sweetheart, this Valentine’s Day! A great gift for the one you love, especially if they enjoy light verse poems of love,

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