Literature & Fiction


Thread is derived from life experiences that weaved in and out of betrayal, corruption, greed, revenge, witchcraft, and so much more.

Caedere: Killer Kids

Why do kids kill? Author Michael J. Manley researched the factors that play a role in this deadly phenomenon.

The Ninth Passage

His subsequent marriage to Tracy and national recognition for the choir’s mastery vindicates Alec’s supporters or so it seems . .

Midsummer Dreams

Midsummer Dreams is a lyrical history of the lives, loves and, in particular, the dreams of several of the inhabitants of the small village of Treddoch Harbour.

A Fathers Voice

At the suggestion of his closest friend, Michael decided to take his wife to court to stop her from having an abortion

Arlington Terrace

Now she wanted to fill in the dots and bring it to life so that she could see it for herself first hand.

36 Hours

Christian Price is a scientist who suffered a tragedy unsolved by local police.

A Current Deception

It is obvious that a crew member or passenger is targeting individuals, but who is it and why?

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