Parental Guidance Conversations in Rhyme

This book is a compilation of short stories delivered in rhyme unveiling the socially acceptable destructive parenting skills that are guiding our sons and daughters into the under belly of American Society.

My Dream To Be Free

The search for freedom takes precedence always. Yet in reality, it is probably a case of running away from responsibilities.

Currents Deep and Deadly

The wondrous and terrifying events of this month-long adventure send Darcy careening towards eventual salvation and redemption, or utter destruction.

The Knight (By Big Red Chicken ®)

This story tells of the struggles we face chasing our dreams.Never give up and always try to bring love wherever you go.GOD BLESS, BIG RED CHICKEN.

Noah: A Novel

They must then deal with hard, dirty work, boredom, and flaring tempers for over a year as they care for the thousands of animals with them.

Back Roads

Confronting events from the past, including a search for lost treasures, and moving into unfamiliar territory Emmer learns that isolation is not a requirement when alien – even at the end of nameless Back Roads.

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