My Dream To Be Free

The search for freedom takes precedence always. Yet in reality, it is probably a case of running away from responsibilities.

Currents Deep and Deadly

The wondrous and terrifying events of this month-long adventure send Darcy careening towards eventual salvation and redemption, or utter destruction.

The Knight (By Big Red Chicken ®)

This story tells of the struggles we face chasing our dreams.Never give up and always try to bring love wherever you go.GOD BLESS, BIG RED CHICKEN.

Noah: A Novel

They must then deal with hard, dirty work, boredom, and flaring tempers for over a year as they care for the thousands of animals with them.

Back Roads

Confronting events from the past, including a search for lost treasures, and moving into unfamiliar territory Emmer learns that isolation is not a requirement when alien – even at the end of nameless Back Roads.

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