White Collar Option

The shooting of US senator Charles McKinsey and the near fatal car crash of media tycoon John Rochester, both in Washington, trigger an investigation by reporter Mike McCabe.

Lady E

But can she stay safe while unravelling the mystery?

Life in a Box

Life in a Box is a roller coaster ride until the very end providing a blend of mystery and history as the colorful and memorable characters come alive on the pages.


Stone is a walking mental time-bomb like so many others who have lost their compass.

Kelvin Dean

This is a heartbreaking story of a young man and his mother, who just like every family did the best they could, in the worse of circumstances…

Some of These Days

‘Some of These Days’ weaves these parallel threads into an intricate tale of espionage and double-dealing where the truth is deceptive and fact and imagination seamlessly intertwine.

The Astral Sacrifices

This is a story steeped in the obvious passion of the author for “The Mountains” – the Catskills above New York – and for New York City itself.

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