Nobody’s Home

This is the true story of the powerless exposed to the brutality of the powerful, where children were commodities and the law turned a blind eye to unimaginable evil.

Vineyard Vengeance

The story is set up nicely but its progression, the character development, character interaction are so prosaic and obligatory that the reader can’t be part of the story.

Double Deception

This book was a great read! The characters were put together perfectly, and each chapter keeps you waiting on the next one! Mystery, danger, and romance!


Steady paced from the first page to the last page with well-developed characters and a mesmerizing, heart-pumping storyline. The story flows seamlessly and effortlessly. The cast of characters are fantastic.

Wings At Dawn

With the long descriptive passages, the reader gets an insight into the Indian society and culture. The story is eventful, interesting, rich in cultural elements and despite the serious subject, it contains some humor as well.

Angel Avenger

It is intriguing and packed with action, a deftly plotted novel with a setting that captures the cultural and historical elements of a people.


Add to the mix of murder and mayhem the element of black magic which is sought by parties on both sides, and you have an epic, mind-bending, heart-gripping story of intrigue.

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