Love the Beast

Will the war change them and allow them to escape with the help of one lone Marine Sargent?

The Secrets of Westborough Hall

The imagery created gives a very real picture, not only of the physical aspects but of all the emotions running through the family saga – with its many twists and unexpected turns?

Prince William: At Olympics 2012

As the terrorists close in, the two dissimilar people have to work together to survive, forging a bond that is more than their duty demands.


There are times when the two civilizations meet and that can bring forward the lower groups’ hunters and the upper levels tattooed Killers.


This novel has it all. Love, hate, romance, tragedy and humor lightly sprinkled through it; mixing it all together to make this sinister story horrifyingly believable.

Moral Owl

Victoria embarks on a mission of love, redemption and heartbreak when she has to take a stand against what she is and what she believes in.

Don’t Let Go

What will Samantha choose? Live longer but without Cameron, or cut her life short but live to the fullest?

Finding Her Peace

Two main characters are perfect … and the fact they are older means life has not been perfect …loved description of settings … everything seems to fit so well … cant wait to read Maggie’s story!

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