The Healer

Gideon Waters faces mortal danger when he discovers his blood can cure disease.

Resilience in Love

Sara Kaye is a talented actress and dancer still grieving the recent loss of her Fiancé. Uncertain at the wisdom of her decision in accepting this role.

Rivers Apart

Forced into hiding Evie must battle her morals when her world collides with that of Nate Rivers, one of the world’s leading culinary chefs.


With the help of new allies and friends, Raven starts a journey to retrieve the curse that rightfully belongs to him – or will the Makers get to him first?

Gordon Square

The detectives are about to discover a horrific, gut-wrenching story, that spanned over four decades. But will it end?

Lessons in Murder

Tara heads for hot sex on the quiet, no strings attached. Married Max seems the perfect candidate but he falls for Tara and turns needy.

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