The Dark Frontier

The death of journalist Frank Goss has cast a shadow full of troubling question marks over Ellen’s bereavement.

BRACE: Two in One & The Zim-Zo

The book consists of two stories and in reading it, laughter, tears, meditation will be your portion. As human beings sometimes confusion, anxiety, lack of knowledge, being directionless can occur.

To Catch A Spy And Traitor

To Catch a Spy and Traitor is a suspense novel set around the Cuban Missile Crisis full of intrigue, action, and an unlikely partnership between two people fighting for their lives.

Arlington Terrace

Now she wanted to fill in the dots and bring it to life so that she could see it for herself first hand.


Always is the latest novel from Amazon best seller, Lucy Onions, a unique thriller that weaves a delightfully tangled web of lies, love and dangerous obsessions.

The Healer

Gideon Waters faces mortal danger when he discovers his blood can cure disease.

Resilience in Love

Sara Kaye is a talented actress and dancer still grieving the recent loss of her Fiancé. Uncertain at the wisdom of her decision in accepting this role.

Rivers Apart

Forced into hiding Evie must battle her morals when her world collides with that of Nate Rivers, one of the world’s leading culinary chefs.

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