Home To Kentucky

2019-2020 Readers Favorite Award winner Western – 2020 Book excellence finalist Award western

Home To Kentucky

2020 Book Excellence Finalist Award Winner – Western
2020 Readers Favorite Finalist Award Winner – Fiction – Western

Home To Kentucky

After the Northern Army unlawfully stole the wealth of the south, the men retrieve what is rightfully theirs and begin their journey home.

Pancho’s Pilot

Just before World War I, a young American airman put his bi-plane down on the Mexican side or the Rio Grande.

Brave Rider

In a life and death moment, Jericho’s bravery forever bonds him with a Paiute tribe in a righteous quest for survival and ultimate justice.

Home To Kentucky

A treacherous journey. Wagons packed with gold. Will the McCoys outrun a group of lawmen or swing from the gallows?

Hornswoggled at Hell Creek

The Wild West just got wilder. A band of eclectic characters pursue and are pursued by a psychotic, cannibalistic, and sexually deviant serial killer in remote 1867 Montana Territory.

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