Anywhere But Here: Confessions of a Pisces Moon

by B D Salerno (Author)

Confessions of A Pisces Moon

Book Description:​

An autobiographical memoir of the author’s unusual and unique life experiences with brief explanations of the astrological background of the events. Only basic astrological analysis is given so that the book may be read and enjoyed by everyone, and hopefully, may inspire others to learn more about astrology as a guide to navigating life’s challenges.

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B D Salerno (Author)

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B.D. Salerno was born in New Jersey under the zodiac sign Libra. From an early age she was fascinated by the stars and planets and was taught the night sky by her father, an Air Force flight officer, who navigated by the stars when flying secret night missions during World War II. B.D. has studied astrology for over twenty years and is an avid reader of true crime stories. These two hobbies gave birth to her interest in “forensic astrology,” in which horoscopes of events are used to determine the circumstances surrounding those events. Her mission is to promote forensic astrology to help solve cases of missing persons and unsolved crimes. B.D. has worked with investigators on a number of cold cases and writes extensively about famous crimes and missing persons. B.D. was interviewed by This Week in America Radio’s host Ric Bratton about her first book, Forensics by the Stars, in August 2013. You may listen to it here: B.D. completed her second book, Exploring Forensic Astrology: The Secrets behind Famous Family Murders, released on June 23, 2016. This book takes an in-depth look into the astrological patterns evident in family crimes (parricide) and will show how astrology can delineate the relationship between victim and killer. B.D. was interviewed by Ric Bratton in September 2016 about her second book, which you may listen to here: B.D. participated in a fascinating podcast discussion with astrologer Chris Flisher on May 26, 2016, which you may listen to here: On May 30, 2023, after thee years of intensive research and writing, B.D. released her third book, Richard Speck and the Eight Nurses: Deconstructing A Mass Murder, a true crime expose of the mass murder of eight student nurses in July 1966 in Chicago. Spoiler alert: the crime story didn’t happen the way we were told. The book, in both ebook and print form, is now available at all major online retailers. B.D. is currently working on a sequel to the Richard Speck case, tentatively entitled: Desperate Rites: Astrology and Occult Symbolism in the RIchard Speck case. This book will discuss the mass murder from an astrological viewpoint and will also include a discussion on the occult elements and themes of the case, including an analysis of numbers and dates of significance as well as meaningful correspondences to other famous cases. This book will be available mid-September 2023. On July 31, 2023 B.D. did a podcast with Patrick, host of the Youtube channel Programmed to Kill. You may listen to it here: B.D. has recently returning to blogging on important events; her blog may be found at:

Anywhere But Here: Confessions of a Pisces Moon

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