Better Man

by Bruce Langdon (Author)

Let’s hope there’s a hopeless “new” romantic on the other side of the door.

Book Description:​

BETTER MAN describes one man’s journey through romantic relationships. The author navigates college as a gay man, then graduate school, and then present day as a practicing licensed clinical mental health counselor. This book is a story about love, heartbreak, and the difficult lessons learned while traveling the treacherous road of dating. Striving to become a better man, the author learns about his own values, what he’s looking for in a partner, and that sometimes the bravest thing you can do is run. Getting through breakups, navigating partners with differing values, and having the realization that just because sparks fly when you meet doesn’t always mean it’s meant to be—these are just a few of the harder truths the author learns along the way. BETTER MAN is a firsthand account of three major relationships told through the eyes of the author as he experienced them.

As the author gets further in his study of psychology and gains a greater understanding of things like communication and what it means for a relationship to be “healthy,” his relationships continue to grow increasingly toxic. Will he throw in the towel and simply decide it’s best to assume he’s had his last kiss? Or dust himself off and begin again?

Let’s hope there’s a hopeless “new” romantic on the other side of the door.

So now, on to the story of us…

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Bruce Langdon (Author)

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Hello! I am a new author. I wrote a couple of books – Better Man and Closure – that are memoirs about my dating life as a gay man living in North Carolina. Some of it truly is ridiculous. Better Man is the first of the two books, but getting Better Man published is taking a bit longer than Closure did. I’m working on a third book, titled Happiness.
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