Dark Eagles Rising

by Carole McEntee-Taylor (Author)

Part 1 (The Eagle Quartet)

Book Description:​

The Eagle Quartet

The War is over, but peace is further away than ever. Across Europe the fear of communism leads to the rise of nationalism and the Treaty of Versailles sows the seeds for the next conflict.GermanyAs the country descends into chaos, and violence erupts on the streets, Adolf Hitler has found a new audience for his politics, the Nazi Party, but he is unable to interest Max who is still trying to find Lettie. Meanwhile, with anti-Semitism rising, Bruno and Stefi move to Nuremberg where an old friend provides a new business opportunity, but their new life comes at a terrible cost.ItalyWith her own secrets deeply buried Lucrecia embarks on her new life with Eddie but she soon realises that her husband has secrets of his own. Has she made yet another mistake? To her surprise Antonio has finally fallen in love but is Serena all she appears? Hoping to remove Eddie from Lucrecia’s life Antonio and Tadeas encourage her to renew her relationship with Mussolini, a move with consequences they could never have foreseen.AustriaHaving married Dedrich Rosa is finally happy, perhaps she can finally bury the past and start a new life, and when Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi offers her a new career opportunity Samuel is delighted to have someone he can trust to spy for him. But not everyone is happy. Katherina is determined to find Ludwig and reunite him with Rosa, but her actions put everyone in danger.The Eagle Quartet is the follow up series to Secret Lives which tells the stories of several families before and through the Great War. Dark Eagles Rising is the first book in the series and is in two parts. Part 1 covers the 1920s with Part 2 continuing the story into the 1930s.

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A really fascinating period dealt with very well. I like the style of keeping all the various characters’ stories up to date throughout. I look forward to Part 2

Carole McEntee-Taylor (Author)

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I write and publish military history, historical fiction and military memoirs and to date have written over 40 books, please see website for more details. I am also a ghost writer of novels, memoirs, spiritual books and various other nonfiction. My military history books are all published by Pen & Sword. I worked at the Military Corrective Training Centre (MCTC)in Colchester, Essex for nine years but have now moved to the beautiful countryside of North Lincolnshire with my husband David and write full time. I have quite wide ranging interests and together with my husband David I have also written two spiritual books, The Re-Enlightenment and The Holiday from Hell. For more information about my books or a FREE copy of book 6 in the Secret Lives series, 1918, please visit https://carolemctbooks.info or you can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Dark Eagles Rising

A really fascinating period dealt with very well. I like the style of keeping all the various characters’ stories up to date throughout. I look forward to Part 2

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