Deadly Rivalries

by Ken Tentarelli (Author)

A tragic death at a betrothal ceremony embroils Nico Argenti in the treacherous world of Renaissance Florence's elite.

Book Description:​

A tragic death at a betrothal ceremony embroils Nico Argenti in the treacherous world of Renaissance Florence’s elite.

Guests are gathered at a villa in the Tuscan countryside to celebrate a betrothal that would unite two powerful Florentine families. The joyful atmosphere is shattered when the groom-to-be is discovered murdered.

Florentine Security Commission member Nico Argenti, himself a guest, is charged with finding the killer, suspected to be an invited guest or a member of the villa staff. The investigation exposes Nico and his colleagues to the jealous motives of guests and a chain of interconnected crimes. Each revelation in the case, ranging from bribery and theft to tax fraud and assault, contributes to its growing complexity.

Is simply identifying the killer enough to guarantee that he will face the consequences?

Deadly Rivalries is the sixth book in the award-winning Nico Argenti Renaissance mystery series. It may be read standalone.

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Ken Tentarelli (Author)

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Ken was born into an Italian-American family, so, as you might expect, his first introduction to anything Italian was food. As a youngster, food was the only tangible connection to his Italian heritage. Many years later Ken and his wife Liz made their first trip to Italy as part of a tour. Standing in the Roman Forum and seeing the magnificent sculptures and art in Florence triggered his interest in Italian history and culture. They returned to Italy many times over the next two decades visiting all regions of the country from the Alps to the southern coast of Sicily. They studied Italian culture and language in Rome and Perugia. Those travels and study led to the writing of his first novel, ‘The Laureate.’ In its starred review of ‘The Laureate’, Publishers Weekly said, “Tentarelli makes the setting accessible to neophytes in the service of a page-turning and suspenseful plot. Readers will eagerly await the sequel.” Readers loved not only the sequel, but all the books in the Nico Argenti series. The newest book in the series, ‘Rebels in Pisa,’ has Nico confronting insurrection, smuggling, kidnapping, and murder. Subscribe to Ken’s newsletter at and download “Nico’s Story,” where Nico tells in his own words what life was like at a university in the Renaissance. Connect with Ken at

Deadly Rivalries

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