Donald Trump Adventures

by James D Patalon (Author)

Over 30 Action packed short stories featuring Donald Trump

Book Description:​

Politically incorrect, humor, satire and parody, Donald Trump Adventures is created out of love for the man and as a paying tribute to one of our greatest Presidents. Imaginative, action packed, comical, and stories that draw your immediate attention. Even if you hate Donald Trump, you might find yourself loving this book. 46 short stories that tackle science fiction, fantasy, intrigue, and of course humor. Based on my YouTube channel, The Donald Trump Cartoon show I’ve created some very interesting stories of Donald Trump battling the evil organization of the demonrats, characters that will do whatever it takes to get rid of the orange man. Sound familiar? If this book has any message at all it is a testimony to Donald Trump and everything he has gone through and how he still comes out like a shining quarter. In this book Donald will take on giant monsters, sinister villains, he’ll play a homicide detective in half a dozen stories, he’ll fight Frankenstein, the werewolf, Freddie Kruger and even Popeye the Sailor. There are also stories about Donald being an American film star, fairytale about Snow-white and Donald Trump, Fast, funny, right to the point, dramatic, adventurous, and believe me so, so much more. Yes to some it might seem absurd to write about one man in totally out of this world fantasy fiction, but I honestly believe that if anyone deserved the high praises, a standing ovation, a man we desperately need back in government. Donald Trump some day will be remembered in history as an inspiring character who has faced tremendous amount of challenges! This book although fictional captures the true spirit of Donald Trump. Even if you’re looking for a book to add to your bathroom library this is perfect for that purpose to be alone and reading about someone your friends and family told you was taboo. This is for those people who secretly love the orange man and all he did accomplish in his short 4 years in office. We had a booming economy, no wars, a man who put God first, a man who believed in our laws. Donald Trump was for truth, liberty and justice for all Americans whether rich or poor. If this book has any political meaning it is that even politicians are people too. Sit back enjoy and just let your hair down (unless you are bald) enjoy this book for what it is ENTERTAINMENT!

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James D Patalon (Author)

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I am now an author of several books since 2015. I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I am currently employed in retail. Am married with children. SPOTLIGHTING AUTHORS & BOOKS:

Donald Trump Adventures

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