Ebony  (Bluebonnet series) 

by Chloe Odette (Author)

That’s when fate stepped in, introducing him to the only woman that could change everything Charlee.

Book Description:​

Warning: If you’re looking for a romance story that has been told a thousand ways, then this book is not for you. This hot and steamy romance will keep you longing for more.
Adrian Claymore is a man’s man of the Dallas business world. Every detail of his life was planned out, until the loss of his mother. That’s when his world turned on its head. Since then he has been struggling to find his footing, and figure out where his life stands without her.
Thinking that a possible change in scenery may help, he is planning to move to Hong Kong for three years. However, there is just one problem, his twin brother Kevin. Adrian has left Kevin in the dark with the whole situation.
Knowing that telling Kevin about the move at a board meeting is impersonal and cowardly, leaving Adrian unsure of what to do he gets into his car and races into the heart of Dallas to his only sanctuary to clear his head.
That’s when fate stepped in, introducing him to the only woman that could change everything Charlee.

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Chloe Odette (Author)

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Chloe is an indie author from Decatur Michigan. She was born with Cerebral Palsy and has endured sixty seven surgeries, including a right above knee amputation. She made the decision nine years ago to not have anymore and pursue her passion for writing. Born in Dayton Ohio, Chloe Odette began writing very early on, starting with poems and short stories when she was twelve. Her family encouraged her to write while she was recovering from surgeries. Because of that Chloe dropped out of high school, obtained her G.E.D and enrolled into college for graphic design and photography. Meanwhile her writing continued. Tragically most of her early stuff has been lost in her travels. She spent her twenties living in several southern states trying to find where to call home. She went to college in Florida where she met her husband. He ultimately moved back to his home state while she moved to another southern state. Fate stepped in reuniting them; she joined him in Michigan in 2008, marrying in 2009. Ebony came about due to a sleepless night. Chloe has always used writing as a way to calm her brain and Ebony was no different. With her husband’s encouragement, she kept going instead of sending it to the recycling bin. The plot and characters wrote themselves from there. Throughout both novels there are names and stories that are associated with her personal life. Names are often used to reference family or friends. Also in Ebony, when Adrian falls off a roof catching a basketball that was thrown up from below that happened to Chloe when she was about seven years old. At the time, she had metal long leg braces on. They were much like the ones you see in the movie Forrest Gump. When she fell, she landed on the sidewalk. Luckily, she was unharmed other than briefly being knocked out. She made the decision to self-publish mainly due to the genre of her books. The bluebonnet series is a little outside of the box, with it being steamy romantic, drama suspense. She is telling the story from the male perspective, and her couple is interracial. For those reasons it was difficult to find someone willing to take the risk. She has done the entire process herself. Chloe is very eclectic in the types of stories she reads. She enjoys anything that catches her interest. Although she does like stories that have a lot of passion and erotic qualities to them. Some of her favorite authors in that genre include; Audrey Carlan, Meredith Wild, and Sylvia Day. Chloe has another series in the works that will be announced after the publishing of Awakening. Just as erotic and exciting as this series, the next will be a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Ebony  (Bluebonnet series) 

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