Fun ABC Flipbook

by Shelley Dieterichs (Author)

The Fun ABC Flipbook is a wonderful learning tool – and can help children make over 1,000 words!

Book Description:​

Children’s illustrator Shelley Dieterichs has created and illustrated this Fun ABC Flipbook. The Flipbook uses her illustrated Boys, Girls, Dogs, Cats, Sports and Zoo Animal Alphabet letters.  This adorable book helps young children learn their ABC’s and make three letter words.  The Fun ABC Flipbook is a wonderful learning tool – and can help children make over 1,000 words!  The illustrated alphabet letters are very creative and whimsical.  If a child needs help getting started, each letter has a list on the back with examples of three-letter words that they can create.  The Fun ABC Flipbook makes a wonderful new baby or child’s birthday gift. Shelley has illustrated numerous children’s books that highlight the whimsy of a child’s imagination.  Shelley uses her delightful and charming designs to create greeting cards, i-see-the-moon-artwork/“>nursery art, illustrated books and more – with themes spanning everything from children to pets!  There are fun first – fifth birthday cards and congratulatory new baby cards in the Good Buddy Notes store. Plus you’ll find a fun Travel Kit for Kids and all the personalized gifts Shelley makes.

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Shelley Dieterichs (Author)

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