Homesteader: Finding Sharon

by David M. McGowan (Author)

Finding Sharon

Book Description:​

Claiming your share of the so called “free” land in the rugged and wide Canadian frontier in the 1880s was a difficult, demanding task. When someone tries to run roughshod over the “nesters” increasing the workload and demands, its time to take a stand.

There is more than bad weather for Hank James to contend with as he rides in search of the land of his dreams and the woman of his heart. Portis Martin, manager of a large cattle company, has no use for the small homesteaders that have begun to pepper the area…and he isn’t afraid of using every dirty trick he knows to run them out.

And Portis had been doing a pretty good job of it until what he decides are two saddle tramps, Hank James and his partner, Harry Gilmore arrive in the area.
Hank James wants equality. Hank James wants a life-time partner.
And, damn it, he’s going to get both.

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David M. McGowan (Author)

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“Author Dave McGowan has been a cowboy,forest fire fighter, heavy equipment operator,farmhand, gardener, road musician and businessman. He now writes, and works as a commercial driver, in Northern British Columbia.” The forgoing is the bio from the back of my novels and one might conclude from this information that I was a poor employee … either lazy or didn’t know what I was doing … and was kicked off a lot of jobs. You would be partially correct, at least in surmising that I don’t know what I am doing. As for my being a poor employee, you would have to ask my bosses … although I think I’ve managed to trick the one I have now. Of course, when I had my own business my boss thought I was marvelous. Truthfully, I’ve managed over the years to find employment regardless of my location or the problems that might exist with the economy. I enjoyed much of that experience at the time and am glad that I attained it. I’ve also visited a good portion of North America and lived in several areas of Canada where I met some great people and enjoyed some wonderful country. Speaking of great people, Karen and I are parents to four great people who have supplied eight grandchildren who show that improvements can be possible in each generation. One of those has added a great-grand daughter to the line.

Homesteader: Finding Sharon

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