by D. B. Watson (Author)

Through darkness we tread, love's beacon shines; betrayal's shadow follows.

Book Description:​

In a captivating tale spanning two timelines, immerse yourself in the entangled destinies of vampires, lycans, and the complex dance of love that transcends the boundaries of time.
In the past, Patrick’s life takes a fateful turn when he becomes a captive boy, only to be rescued by Yuri, an enigmatic man with a secret—he’s a vampire. Their love blooms, but betrayal shatters Patrick’s world when Yuri succumbs to the allure of another. Fleeing into peril, Patrick encounters a pack of Lycans, and an unexpected alliance forms with Adam, a blue-eyed Lycan. As their bond deepens into love, unforeseen forces threaten to unravel the fragile connection they’ve forged.
Fast forward to the present, where John Doe, a notorious serial killer, finds himself pursued through ominous woods after his latest malevolent act. Unbeknownst to him, a bloodthirsty demonic beast closes in. Desperation leads John to cross paths with an ordinary-seeming man, setting off a perilous alliance. As they navigate the shadows, the blurred lines between hunter and hunted force John to confront the twisted realities of survival and the unexpected connections that can redefine one’s fate.

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Great story still reading enjoying it.. Love these stories keep them coming

D. B. Watson (Author)

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First, thank you for reading and following my stories. When I was young I was curious about M/M relationships. I searched for books and movies but all I could find were storylines that end with death and sadness. It sickened me to read and see such tragedy. So I started to write my own stories with a different outcome for the two lovers. When I got older and experienced my relationship, I discovered that people had layers. And for a couple to work, they needed to exist in those layers without trying to change too much. My characters will be heroes, victims, and villains. They go through hardship and sometimes do not always win but won’t suffer as in the stories from my youth. I’ve been writing for over 40 years. I’m a lover of books, traveling, and writing.

Great story still reading enjoying it.. Love these stories keep them coming

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