Invitation to a Murder

by Esther Luttrell (Author)

Dark secrets unravel. Trust shattered. Survival hangs by a thread.

Book Description:​

Esther Luttrell crafts a chilling tale of murder and suspense.Dena Brooke receives a frantic call from Doug Stafford, her best friend’s husband, begging her to fly halfway across the country to be with him and his wife, Ginny, in their darkest hour—their handsome young son has been brutally murdered. Doug has no way of knowing that by accepting, Dena has put her own life in danger. Who could anticipate a poisonous snake inside her car on a lonely Kansas prairie in the dead of the night, or a shot that misses its mark by only inches? A deranged killer is suddenly stalking Dena, but why? And why was the son’s apartment ransacked if he was killed in a random drive-by shooting as police say? With Ginny spiraling into an emotional breakdown, Dena is in a life-or-death situation with no one to turn to. This Missouri State of the Murder mystery grabs you up and whirls you into a breathtakingly twisted and terrifying finale.

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Esther Luttrell (Author)

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I became a writer because I have no skills. There was nothing left to do but pick up a pencil and start writing. It was a fluke I landed a job at CBS and a bigger one that I was with MGM for some of the best years of my life, after writing radio and television commercials, and educational films, in the Midwest. My last screenplay was for the feature film “Te Ata” ( I doubt I will write more for the motion picture industry; I’m having too much fun turning out books – mysteries, poetry, non-fiction and children’s books – and doing public speaking. I’m living back in the Midwest now, with way too many cats.

Invitation to a Murder

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