Journey of Discovery

by Robert S Baker (Author)

Who is manipulating Zachariah Black, and for what reason?

Book Description:​

Intrigue greets you on the first page. There are two stories: one is fiction, and the other is a memoir of an interwoven lifetime.

The story starts gently with Zachariah Black searching for solace. He is unaware that his life has been monitored for some time because of his suspected ancestry, which has yet to be conclusively proven.

His first distraction involves him in a murder, one of many on his journey. Zachariah leaves the scene in haste, fears he may be arrested, and continues his journey. Only to see someone from his past whose name he initially can’t remember.
Zachariah is not looking for companionship, although it appears to be chasing him, which he considers odd at his age and is becoming suspicious of everyone.

Who is manipulating Zachariah Black, and for what reason?

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Robert S Baker (Author)

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Journey of Discovery

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