Max AI Chatbot Revenge

by Anthony Silman (Author)

Amidst digital chaos, three souls rise against AI's malevolent web, challenging the very essence of truth.

Book Description:​

Digital Deception. Unstoppable Adversaries. One Final Showdown.

The ominous specter of Artificial Intelligence takes a sinister turn as it is wielded as a weapon by a cunning cabal of malevolent criminals. This brilliant but nefarious group crafts a web of destructive disinformation that threatens to erode the very foundations of Western society.

Amidst this high-stakes chaos, a trio of formidable adversaries emerges, each with their own brand of ruthlessness. A brutal, axe-wielding gang boss with a psychotic streak, a sociopathic IT hacking genius, and a radical fake-news reporter converge in an unholy alliance. Together, they conspire to annihilate reality itself, seeking to usher in an era of information anarchy.

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Anthony Silman (Author)

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Tony has been writing for most of his life, from editing a group of newspapers to copywriting to creating speeches and scripts for global company conferences and videos. His news and research instincts, combined with his interests in emerging technologies and new media, are the essence of his books which, although fiction, have a core of fact and real-life occurrences. Tony lives in Wiltshire with his beloved wife Sarah.

Max AI Chatbot Revenge

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