The Donkeys Jesus Chose, A Catholic Children’s Storybook

by Christine Calabrese (Author)

A Catholic Chapter Storybook

Book Description:​

Children will enjoy this creative story recounting the Great Procession of Our Lord on Palm Sunday.Who owned the donkeys that Jesus summoned for His grand entrance into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday? Why were they chosen? What happened to them when and after they were given this great honor? In this fictional tale, the author weaves together Sacred Scripture and imagination to create a heart-warming story.It all begins with the birth of a baby donkey named Star. He is a gift to five-year-old Mara, who has difficulty walking due to a disability. Although Mara bravely faces ridicule for her handicap, her parents still anguish over her trials. Will Mara ever have lots of friends like other children?Sapphire, the mama donkey, has a problem that would normally render her useless: She refuses to be ridden. But she maintains her utility by hauling lumber, carpentry tools, and loads of fabric, while also helping local shepherds watch over their flock.Mara’s parents, Joshua the carpenter, and Miriam the seamstress, provide a loving home for their child. One day they begin hearing intriguing stories about Jesus of Nazareth. Then their lives quickly collide with the King of Kings in an extraordinary way when a benevolent stranger enters their lives.The mysterious visitor requests the use of their donkeys for the day Jesus rides into Jerusalem. Unknown to Joshua, the animals see the man for who he really is – an angel. Their stubbornness melts away as they bow in submission. It is then we realize that Sapphire, the mama, will be a safe and steady mount for Our Lord.The story is complemented by illustrations created by a young teenage artist, providing an authentic and natural aesthetic.Discover the book destined to become a Holy Week classic – a must-read for every young Christian. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to deepen your faith and gain a fresh perspective on the Easter season. Don’t miss out – get your copy today!Perfect for boys and girls ages 6 – 15 (or grades 1 – 10).

  • Palm SundayHoly WeekEasterHoly Days
Book Specifications:
  • 10,000+ words6x9PaperbackKindleHardcover

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Christine Calabrese (Author)

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You might find Christine taking a brisk walk, gazing at the night sky, sewing a new project, attempting a delicious recipe, or reading a captivating novel. Stories brew inside her mind for years, akin to the blossoming of a long-lasting friendship. She received the “Teacher of the Year” award from PS 151K and the National Right to Read Foundation’s Teacher of the Year.

The Donkeys Jesus Chose, A Catholic Children’s Storybook

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