The Garden Plot Diaries

by Endy Wright (Author)

Stories One through Four

Book Description:​

The Garden Plot Diaries is a collection of the ongoing adventures of Ivendricus Pourdry and his friend who keeps a journal of their activities. As he tends to the vegetables in his garden plot he cannot help but notice similarities between the plant world and human existence in his small town, and beyond:In the town of Mondanock, New Hampshire, two aging veterans watch as war breaks out in small-town New Hampshire between its Garden Society and other community organizations, all set to the seasons and schedules of a New England vegetable garden, all set to the slow-paced life of small New England towns and their sometimes bitter infighting.Small town government overreach meets its match. When an errant bottle finds itself into the trash instead of the recyclable bin the authorities are called in to investigate. The investigation is shocking in not only does it reveal a root beer bottle among the general recyclables but also the potential for juvenile cannibalism. Or not.German Chinese operatives infiltrate Monadnock and threaten the freedom of America. They may be old, but they still no how to kick some ass. God bless America.There is nothing better than an autumnal tale of horror and suspense. Safe to go out into the fields? Safe to choose a pumpkin to carve into a jack-o-lantern? Maybe. Maybe not. Only in the quiet New England town of Monadnock can a German farmer of Guernseys make you think twice about accepting a free New England pumpkin, but perhaps with good reason.”Carefully I descended the stairs, avoiding all droplets and the large coalesced face pool at the bottom of the stairs. The droplets seemed to disappear at the bottom of the stairs, but then I noticed something odd about Iven’s laundry sink – it was full of some…dark fluid. I moved closer for a better look. There was not too much light over by the laundry sink, but I could plainly see the dark fluid appeared to be a dark, dark…red. I quickly scanned the rest of the basement for some huddled heap formerly known as Ivendricus Pourdry, but there was nothing to be seen.”At that point it became quite clear what had happened. Some latter-day Manson family imitators (or perhaps even over-zealous Mormons) had surprised Iven, thrown him to the bottom of the stairs, exsanguinated him in the laundry sink, and taken his remains to make some sort of Pourdry sausages.” The Trash Police, Story Two of the Garden Plot Diaries.

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Endy Wright (Author)

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Endy Wright received his undergraduate degree in English literature from Grinnell College and his juris doctorate from the University of New Hampshire School of Law. Before becoming an attorney, he was a counselor for at-risk children in New Hampshire, and, a cross-community worker in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He was also previously a research assistant in the House of Commons in London, England. As a trial attorney, he discovered that writing was a useful outlet for the stress that came along with his profession. His first book was a collection of short stories, entitled The Garden Plot Diaries. The Omicron Six is his first novel.

The Garden Plot Diaries

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