by J. P. Reedman (Author)

A new life...a new name...a destiny as England's Good Queen, uniting both Saxon and Norman.

Book Description:​

Daughter of a Scottish king and an Anglo-Saxon princess, Edith is sent to her Aunt Cristina, the Abbess of Romsey for her education. Cristina is harsh and unkind and tries to force Edith to wear a nun’s veil, first as a disguise and then permanently, but Edith is enraged and tramples it on the ground. She begs her parents to move her from Romsey to the grand Abbey of Wilton and for a while Edith’s life is calm and fulfilling–but then the suitors begin to come. Most fearsome of all is the King, William Rufus, with his fierce mismatched eyes, florid face…and evil reputation. More intriguing, though, is his younger brother Henry, and when Rufus dies in the New Forest, struck by an arrow on the hunt, Edith of Scotland’s world is about to change.
A new life…a new name…a destiny as England’s Good Queen, uniting both Saxon and Norman.

Number 11 in the MEDIEVAL BABES SERIES about lesser-known medieval Queen and noblewomen.

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J. P. Reedman (Author)

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J.P. Reedman was born in Canada but has lived in the U.K. for nearly 30 years. Interests include folklore & anthropology, prehistoric archaeology (neolithic/bronze age Europe; ritual,burial & material culture), as well as The Wars of the Roses and the rest of the medieval era. Books Include: WARS OF THE ROSES/RICHARD III I Richard Plantagenet parts 1 and 2 (also available as an omnibus) I RICHARD PLANTAGENET the Prequel, Part 1 (new for 2020) A Man Who Would Be King (Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham) Sacred King (historical fantasy) BLOOD OF ROSES (Edward IV and Towton) SECRET MARRIAGES (Edward IV, Eleanor Talbot and Elizabeth Woodville) WHITE ROSES, GOLDEN SUNNES–Collection of short stories about Richard III and his family FEAST OF THE INNOCENTS. Novella about Richard III’s son Edward THE MISTLETOE BRIDE OF MINSTER LOVELL. Novella about Francis Lovell based on local folklore. THE MEDIEVAL BABES series about little-known medieval women: MY FAIR LADY- Eleanor of Provence, wife of Henry III. MISTRESS OF THE MAZE-Fair Rosamund, mistress of Henry II THE CAPTIVE PRINCESS–Eleanor of Brittany, victim of King John THE WHITE ROSE RENT- Katherine, illegitimate daughter of Richard III (long novella) THE PRINCESS NUN-Mary, daughter of Edward I MY FATHER, MY ENEMY-Juliane, illegitimate daughter of Henry I, who tried to assassinate her father. THE HOOD GAME (series about a mystical, magical Robin Hood) RISE OF THE GREENWOOD KING BOOK 1 SHADOW OF THE BRAZEN HEAD BOOK 2 STONEHENGE THE STONEHENGE SAGA. Omnibus edition containing the two novels Stone Lord and Moon Lord. The Arthurian legends retold in an early Bronze Age setting. DUE OUT THIS YEAR– I, RICHARD PLANTAGENET THE SEQUEL PART 2–A VOUS ME LIE LONGSWORD’S WIFE–Ela of Salisbury THE HOOD GAME-part 3. BLOOD OF THE DIVINE KING


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