The Miracle Portal

by Nancy Reynolds (Author)

Book Description:​

This book was born out of a desire to express my gratitude for the much-needed help I receive from the Mastermind Process. I hope this book will serve as a guide for other inquiring Masterminders.

There is a miracle-working Principle in the universe. This Principle is always available to help you create miracles in your life. I have seen it proven in my life and in the lives of other Mastermind group members.

You’re probably considering this book because you’re looking for a miracle, too. And you can have one. Whatever your need or desire, the miracle-working power of Masterminding can bring it into your experience.

The Mastermind Process, or, adherence to a system of applied Universal Principles, is not new. It is simply reintroduced, through the ages, to those who are ready to believe in it and see their lives permanently altered for the better.

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Nancy Reynolds (Author)

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The Miracle Portal

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