The Reckoning

by Robert S Baker (Author)

The warm embrace of his wife, Jenny, awaits a beacon of comfort in the encroaching darkness.

Book Description:​

In the hushed sanctum of their lab, John and Jenny Smith stand as trailblazers in the uncharted territory of autonomous devices. Their creations, more than mere engineering marvels, are poised to reshape the very fabric of our world. Yet, unbeknownst to them, a tempest brews beneath the surface of their triumph, threatening to engulf them in its wake.

On a chilly Sunday evening, John returns home, his mind abuzz with the day’s breakthroughs. The warm embrace of his wife, Jenny, awaits a beacon of comfort in the encroaching darkness. As they settle in for a peaceful dinner, the night is shattered by the piercing scream of laser fire.

Instinctively, John lunges for cover, his voice a desperate plea for Jenny to follow. But fate is cruel, and in a heart-stopping moment, Jenny is struck down, her brilliance extinguished by a force unseen.

Left reeling, John finds himself at the heart of a labyrinthine conspiracy. The very devices they nurtured now cast ominous shadows over their lives. As he grapples with the daunting task of unravelling the enigma of Jenny’s untimely demise, a host of questions torment him. Who pulled the trigger? What secrets did Jenny’s brilliance unlock? And how will John navigate the treacherous waters of a world where technology holds the power of life and death?

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Robert S Baker (Author)

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I write a variety of stories depending on my mood. I’m far from perfect, although one strives to achieve such a goal. I write my books as carefully as I can, although, as my publisher advised me, there hasn’t been a book written without an error somewhere; nevertheless, I do strive to avoid mistakes. Life is like Russian roulette; you never know what’s coming around the corner. I suffered a life-changing accident and the death of my son. Life is nothing but a book; you will never know when you reach the final page. If anyone ever asks me, I wonder what death is like. I would reply the same as it was before you were born, explain to me what you remember? My hobbies are mainly writing and travelling to Scotland and Wales, where most of my stories originate. I would try to save the planet, although I fear I’m too late; the earth stands no chance until the human race is educated. My royalties go directly to Air Ambulance.

The Reckoning

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