The Two Sides of Love; Paul and Jude

by J. Traveler Pelton (Author)

The early Christian church was not a peaceful place; it was growing fast, spreading widely, running for their lives in many cases.

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The early Christian church was not a peaceful place; it was growing fast, spreading widely, running for their lives in many cases. It was made up of fallible human beings and not angels; it suffered growing pains. Paul and Jude, one the step-brother of Jesus and the other a converted Pharisee, each tried to explain this new way of living and loving together. Some people thought they were in total disagreement. This small book attempts to reconcile their perceived differences in opinion about how love is exhibited in the family of God. I hope it blesses you and makes you consider our heritage.What others say about J. Traveler’s devotional books: “She writes for our current times, and well written thoughtfully by a trained counselor.””Loved the book. Very well laid out and insightful. Plan to reread it several times going deeper into my study.””This was a great book… It is easy to read and understand.””Ms. Pelton uses effective comparisons in facts, life experiences, creature and human stories as her skill as a story teller to interpret Gods message to us. This is so helpful to question how each of us act as a Christian. I liked the thoughtful exercises!”Just in time to use in Lenten readings, The Two Sides of Love explores two great men’s thoughts as they contemplate caring for the new church. It will enable you to see more clearly how far love needs to go to protect and care for each other. Get your copy today and be ready to be led closer to true love.

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J. Traveler Pelton (Author)

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J. Traveler Pelton was born in West Virginia in the last century. She lives on a small farm with her husband, 7 alpaca, chickens, 5 Pomeranians, 14 canaries and tolerates T-Bears Siamese cats and irascible parrot Giz. She loves to find out what all her friends are studying. She is the mother of six adults, a grandmother of eight, a great-grandma of 1, a Clinically Licensed Independent Social worker, a retired adjunct professor of social work at her local university and an avid reader. She studies science, technology, Biblical studies, and human behavior. She is quick to draw parallels between different fields of thought and weave the ideas into a cohesive ideology that is at once practical, usable, and thoughtful. Her books are the result of blending her life experiences with bureaucracy, studying science and nature, counseling, and faith. She greatly enjoys the intersection of fantasy and possibility and hopes you enjoy it as well. We will see you on the other side of the imagination tree. Her co-author of the Clan Falconer fantasy series is her grandson T-Bear. T Bear Pelton is a self-proclaimed gamer, a Christian active in his home church, a Native American, a storyteller, and a novice blacksmith. He lives with his grandparents, his Amazon parrot, and four Siamese on a small alpaca farm while working full time and dreaming of times when magic still existed. Enjoy this fantasy with him and for just a little while, suspend daily life for a dream of dragons and wizards, beautiful ladies and knights, magic and faith. Travel then with us to another time, another place, and another dimension. Come to the future, after the Great War, when tech and magic combine with faith and fear. Their farm, Springhaven Croft, is home to alpacas, dogs, Siamese cats, canaries, an eclectic group of chickens and an irascible Amazon Parrot named Gizmo. Traveler’s webpage is; she also has a FB page called Traveler Pelton. Come visit real soon! She loves your reviews and to hear from her fans.

The Two Sides of Love; Paul and Jude

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