The Year of the Chaise Holongue

by JLM Chartmere (Author)

Nevertheless, how was this all still so possible?

Book Description:​

Originally published in 2064, this is the first of The Bagatelles to come down to us.
It is a privilege indeed to be able to contentedly browse through, or to studiously linger over the pages of this illuminating artefact from the future, cet objet extraordinaire.
The Autonomous Memory Theatres and other ‘memoriae autonomai’ have been a long time in the making, but here we learn of what has superseded them and the manner of it – and thus we now know that such progress came from a deeper past, and by that slower route.
And, further, for all of the apparent futurity involved, most of the action in this astonishing tome takes place in 2012, which the author has designated as The Year of the Chaise Holongue. So much is now known to have emanated from that remarkable year, including, significantly, so many of those autonoetic advances which had been waiting so long to be patiently harnessed.
Nevertheless, how was this all still so possible? I am no seer, yet growth is everywhere and much of it is always visible – and will, as usual, tend to bring about its own rewards, and in its own time.
However that may be…
Ladies and Gentlemen… I give you…

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JLM Chartmere (Author)

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The Year of the Chaise Holongue

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