by Tom Julian (Author)

In a world where shadows speak and secrets bleed, an unlikely hero must rise to confront a malevolent force and prevent the unraveling of reality itself.

Book Description:​

Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled rollercoaster ride with TIMBERWOLF, the first installment in the gripping “spy-fi” series by Tom Julian, where thrilling espionage and futuristic encounters meet!

“Timberwolf is what you’d get if Dirty Harry and Ripley had a son.”
—MERRILL R. CHAPMAN, author of In Search of Stupidity

“The action is simply amazing; it makes putting the book down nearly impossible.”
—TITO MARTÍNEZ BARBERI, author of The Keeper of the Balance series

Once a top black ops agent, Timberwolf Velez’s world shatters when he encounters Kizik, a malevolent psychic alien spider that leaves a lasting mark on his psyche. Haunted by his past, Timberwolf now faces an ominous threat as a religious fanatic unearths a hidden cache of unimaginably destructive weapons. Will Timberwolf rise above his shattered mind and prevent the galaxy from descending into irreversible chaos?

With an ensemble of captivating characters and exhilarating twists at every turn, TIMBERWOLF: Book One in the Spy-Fi ‘Timberwolf’ Series will keep you on the edge of your seat. Brace yourself for a heart-pounding, action-packed page-turner that refuses to release its grip.

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"The storytelling in Timberwolf is some of the most captivating imagery... A true throwback to Fred Saberhagen's Berserker Series."

Tom Julian (Author)

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TOM JULIAN works days at a pharmaceutical company, helping to support research into new cancer drugs, and nights and weekends as an author. He enjoys traveling, long-distance cycling, and waking up early to brew the perfect cup of coffee. He’s an unabashed beer snob and native of Trenton, New Jersey. Tom’s first novel, TIMBERWOLF, is a military science fiction story (with strong espionage elements) originally envisioned as a film. The author worked hard to transfer its cinematic qualities to the page and hopes that Twolf is the best science-fiction movie you’ll ever read! Tom is the father of Astur and Liam (two STEM all-stars!) and husband to the lovely Brenda-Lea. He writes while warming his feet under a Cavadoodle named Vancouver. Favorite movie/book/food = O Brother, Where Art Thou?/The Sirens of Titan/Trenton-style tomato pie.

"The storytelling in Timberwolf is some of the most captivating imagery... A true throwback to Fred Saberhagen's Berserker Series."

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