Warriors of the light book one

by Rev .Bradford Hoel (Author)

The Setting- Warriors of the light starts out in the fictional land of Tera in a small town call Little bear.

Book Description:​

Warriors of the light is the first in a series of fictional stories with life lessons for children of all ages that probably I would say from first grade up.I I originally wrote this story for my own children to teach them life lessons in a fun. As a teacher I’m always looking for creative ways to teach what great way to do that his storytelling.

The Setting- Warriors of the light starts out in the fictional land of Tera in a small town call Little bear. It’s just big enough to have a small downtown section at country enough for lots of exploring beautiful country Great Lakes.

Main characters- The main characters in our story start with a 12-year-old boy middle school named Josh. He just moved from a large city to Little bear does not know was sole. He’s not happy about the move because he lost all of his friends it’s not all excited about having to make new friends. To make matters worse his father works a lot and when he’s home is really hard on him. So he takes off his bike nearly runs over young lady coming from the library with her hands full books named Jan.

Jan is the next main character in our story. Jan has lived in Little bear pretty much all her life. She lives with her mom and her aunt she loves science books and exploring new areas.

The next two characters our Josh‘s little brother Tim who is eight years old and his pug dog named Luther.

The next characters that Josh and Jan will meet is a talking bear family where is close goes by the name of sir Winston. This family befriends Josh and Jan.

The plot- While sleeping over at the bear family’s house josh and Jan have an amazing dream or vision both end of in a Paradise land called Eden meet the king and queen of Eden King Adam and Queen Eve. Including many other talking animals and singing /dancing flowers. King Adam and Josh get to ride on an airhorse and go to name the animals and tour the famous garden . Queen Eve and Jan get to ride on a unicorn And a talking whale named Penelope Along the way both of them Having amazing adventures and learning life lessons. This book will be illustrated with colored drawings and will delight both children and adults alike. This book was designed either be read by children or parents and teachers. Included in each chapter questions to consider discussing deeper issues of the book including the life lessons!


Author of warriors of the light

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Rev .Bradford Hoel (Author)

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allow me to introduce myself to you My Name is Rev Bradford Hoel. I am married with 5 children and grandchildren. We currently live in Michigan. I am the pastor of Rock Family fellowship (online) Facebook and and YouTube. I also am the president of Rock world missions(a next generation world missions ministry dedicated to helping native pastors plant brand new churches among the Unreached people groups worldwide)Author of warriors of the light book one Author of “ By Grace Through Faith “ and soon by Grace Through Faith volume 2 And “warriors of the light “ published by Xulan press in 2018 Singer and songwriter of our debut original music album Battlezone is available on Spotify iTunes and YouTube

Warriors of the light book one

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